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Take a look at our commonly asked questions:

Yes, if an order is placed before 9 am, we are usually able to deliver the container by the end of the day. Orders placed later in the day will be scheduled for delivery the following morning. We appreciate 24 hours notice when ordering a dumpster, but we will always work to accommodate you.

Can I get a container the same

day I call?

A container can be rented for up to 2 weeks, after that you will be charged for each extra day its kept.


How long can I rent a container for?

Call today for a quote on waste services:


Westphal Waste Services is available for same day service if you call and place your order  

before  9 am!

We deliver Monday through Friday 7-4 pm and Saturday 8-12pm.


When can you deliver a container?

If you have your debris ready to load we can send our driver to be “live-loaded” which means the driver can sit with the box for up to a half hour while it gets loaded and then be on his way! This is convenient if you don’t have room for a container to be dropped off or if you need it for a very short period of time.


What if I only need the container for

under an hour?

The following materials can’t be put inside the container: asbestos, telephone poles, railroad ties, oil, paint, chemicals, propane tanks, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, etc. If you have paint cans where the paint is dry, then it is not considered hazardous. There will be an extra charge for any mattresses and tires put inside a container.


What materials am I not allowed to

put into the container?

Almost all jurisdictions require a permit if you plan to place the container in the street. You should contact your public works department for inquiries and permit application. Usually you will not need a permit if you choose to have the container placed on your property, but always call your town first and ask them if you need to get a permit or not. It is your responsibility to provide plywood to be placed under the container to avoid any potential damage. Please note that when deciding placement of a container, convenience is secondary to safety. Our drivers will not place a container where it may potentially harm a person or property.

Do I need a permit for my container?

Containers can be filled level to the top; you are not allowed to overload the container.

How high can I fill the container?

Yes, certain towns have waste-flow which makes it more expensive to dump the debris from the container. Hudson, Essex, Morris and Union counties have waste-flow while Bergen and Passaic counties do not.

Do prices vary by the town the

container gets delivered to?

Concrete only. NO bricks, asphalt, ceramics, dirt, garbage or rebar can be mixed into the container.

What can I put in a container for

clean concrete?

100% pure soil / dirt (no turf contaminants). No other waste can be mixed in this container.

What can I put in a container for

clean dirt/soil?

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